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Custom skateboard concave information

We have 3 custom skateboard concaves to choose from. The first concave is the sd3 it is our medium concave and is our stock concave. The second concave is the sd2 is has a steaper tail than the nose and it is not as deep as the sd3 concave from the left rail to to the right rail. The third concave is our Sd6 it has a steep nose and tail and is also the steepest from the right rail to the left rail.

Custom skateboard shape information

Shape 1

Here is our most popular shape.

This first row is more of a industry standard shape. This is a shape that matches most of the big brand name companies that are on the market today. We have been making this shape longer than most of the big brands and leading the skateboard market with this shape. Formerly known as our taper shape this is now been adopted to be our House shape. Many skate shops send us boards to match the shape of big brand names and these always match up without us having to make a new shape. The only difference between the big brands ane our boards is that our boards are made in the USA and we use higher grade wood and glue to press the decks.

Taper skateboard shapes

Shape 2

Here is our least popular shape

This shape has a boxy look to it. The nose and tail are really wide at the tip. We do get people that like this shape so we continue to make it. Formerly known as our House shape only because it was the first shape we made. If you like wide nose and tail then this is the shape for you.

House custom skateboard shape
Here are some of the Old School pool decks we have for you to choose from. We can make any shape that you want us to. If you have a shape you like we can copy it. Just send us your shape and we will do the rest.
custom pool board skateboard shapes
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