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Know where your wood comes from!


There are others out there selling custom skateboards and not making them in their own factory but importing them.

Plain and simple they use the don't ask and don't tell.

If you don't ask if they make them in their own factory they won't tell you that they don't make them and they will give you imported decks that just don't stand up to American made decks.

Imported decks just don't last as long. Some other places on the net will have photos of a factory and make you think they make them. We know our competition and know that most of them don't make them just buy them and sell them. They get these photos from the factory overseas and place them on their site to boost their sales and make them look legit.

Most of them charge setup fees because they have to pay for the heat transfers from overseas.

The best thing to do is get samples! Compare our decks to any other shop on the net and you will find that our decks last longer and are still priced the same.

We will meet or beat any American made custom skateboard prices on the net.

Price is another way you can tell where the boards are made. If the price is below ours then plain and simple they are not made in the USA! We have the best price on custom skateboards in the USA!

A video factory tour is a good way to know if others make them or not. Watch our Video factory tour and you will see me the owner drilling the boards in our factory.

Video click here

We want you to do well in this industry buy custom skateboards made in USA! you can't go wrong.





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